Our family owned campsite Dražica, s located on the north west part of the island of Pag, named after the Drazica bay.

Surrounded by centuries old olive trees gives amazing possibilities for enjoyable camping holiday. In addition it is a home to many Mediterranean plants and trees, and with the clear blue Adriatic sea creates an impression of peace and tranquility. For your convenience there is also a restaurant to experiment with our delicious island cuisine.

The camp is located 1 km from the main road, the access road to the camp is narrow and winding, but it is passable for campers and RVs up to 8 m in length. Also, for our guests with RVs, we assure free transport of the RVs from the main road to the camp and back.

  • Autokamp Dražica
  • Autokamp Dražica
  • Autokamp Dražica

Guests have a modern sanitary facility at their disposal, renting of a private bathroom is also optional. Lots are equipped with electricity, water and sewage connections and the camp is also completely covered with a fast Wi-Fi internet network, with no charge for our guests. There is a ramp within the camp for launching the boats into the sea, and for which we have ensured mooring to buoys in front of the camp. In front of the camp, there is a sandy beach, and within a radius of 100 meters, there are also two beautiful beaches.

  • Autokamp Dražica
  • Autokamp Dražica
  • Autokamp Dražica
  • Camping lots

    Two equipment zones A and B with the size 70 - 100 m2

  • Connections

    Electricity, water. On A type lots also drainage

  • Wi-Fi Internet

    Completely free wireless internet across the whole area of the camp.

  • Sanitary facility

    Guests have at their disposal a modern sanitary facility and rental of a private bathroom.

  • Beach within the camp

    In front of the camp there is a sandy beach, and within a radius of 100m there are more beautiful beaches.

  • Launching of boats and mooring

    Within the camp, there is a ramp for launching the boats into the sea and for mooring on buoys in front of the camp.

  • Recreation

    It is possible to rent SUP boards and kayaks. Vicinity of cycling roads.

  • Restaurant and grill

    Within the camp, there is a restaurant which offers Mediterranean specialities.

We care about nature preservation

EcoCamp Dražica is located in a beautiful ambient of wild olive trees, where some are several hundred years old, this area is also a part of the ecological network Natura 2000. Olive trees within the camp are being cultivated according to principles of organic farming. That is the reason why we within the camp also care about nature preservation and reduction of negative impact on the environment. We do this in the following ways:

  • Sorting of waste – waste is being sorted into five different types of waste, which are being disposed of separately and transported out of the camp several times a week.
  • Energy efficient lighting in the camp – the public lighting within the camp and the lighting in the sanitary facility is exclusively made up of LED luminaires. All lighting within the camp is automated.
  • Wastewater filter – the camp is equipped with a modern biological wastewater filter, and filtered wastewater is again being used for toilette flushing and irrigation of grassland.
  • Solar panels – for almost twenty years now all the warm water requirements of the camp are being produced exclusively via solar collectors.


Within the camp, there is a possibility of rental of recreational equipment: SUP boards and kayaks, so you could stay active during your vacation, but also visit beautiful coves in the surrounding.

Near the camp, there are also several attractive cycling routes.