Island of Pag is one of the biggest island in the Adriatic sea. It has the longest seashore line and many beautiful sandy beaches.

The center of the tourist's interest is Novalja a town that offers entertainments for all ages, including cultural events and archaeological remains among which is the most interesting one the ancient aqueduct dating from the 1st century carved in stone.

Island of Pag is the home of hand embroidered lace motives very fascinating and peculiar in designs. The tradition of this valuable and protected by UNESCO custom work is cherished in the town of Pag .

Otok Pag LunOne of the most famous product from this island is the Cheese of Pag , made from the local organic sheep milk, well prized among the highest ranked world class cheeses, whose makers have been awarded year after year at the most prestigious world competitions.

Island of Pag has one of the oldest olive tree yards in the world . Area around Lun is one of the three locations in the world known for the highest number of wild olive trees (Olea Oleaster), and the oldest tree is more then 1500 years old. One part of this amazingly beautiful scenery is protected and named a botanical reservoir.


Lun is a village located under the canopies of centuries old olive trees, at the very north west end of the island of Pag.

The nature has been very generous to this part of the island enriching it with the beautiful colours of green on the land and blue coming from the Adriatic sea. If you are looking for a peace lost somewhere in the urban surroundings of your everyday living, this is a perfect place for you to get it back. Gentle Mediterranean climate and tranquilizing serenity as well as the friendly staff will make your holiday unforgettable experience that will bring you back to this place again and again. Near by villages, Jakisnica, Dudici, and Potocnica, surrounded by just as picturesque and beautiful scenery, will add to the enjoyment of your stay. You'll see, the time will stop!.